Insecticide Lobotomy's releases

[MTR-014] The Melted Battery 2008

The Melted Battery is 25 minutes of densely packed layers of harsh noise, guitars, babies and even a hand drum.
No post-processing effects were used, so this release is as raw as the day it was recorded.
In case you're wondering, that is a real battery that was melted by Insecticide Lobotomy during his set at Tampa Noise Fest 2.

[MTR-005] Mister Limey 2007

Mister Limey tells a story of an adventure through both time and space.
Layers of harsh noise are coupled with atmospheric textures to give the listener a sense of movement and space.
Subtle use of traditional musical instruments along will natural rhythms and oscillations help to keep it all relevant.
Best served in complete darkness at full volume.

[MTR-001] Self-replicating Pain Fibers Are Ready To Invade Your Central Nervous System. Bummer. 2007

Don't call it a come back, and definitely don't call it a split.
This action packed collaborative release is the result of combining two
volatile entities and then placing them in the same room as a bunch of gear.
The end result? Noise, banter, and an overall sense of well being.
Yeah, it's pretty good shit.