Meatronic News

Brand new website and label relaunch!
That's right folks! We're pleased to announce brand new web site.
Yes, 12 years past and it's not a joke. Fresh and modern website with almost all releases free to download.
Send us your demo.

New web site with a new release!
That's right folks! We're pleased to announce not only a new web site this Monday morning, but also the release of Somnaphon's Meatronic debut "a ballerina thru the zoo". Please note that we're still in the process of cleaning up the site for those of you that refuse to something other than Internet Explorer.

New Mirrors Available
It took some time to get them all set up and available, but the effort was worth it. All of the previous Meatronic releases are now available on and all future releases will be uploaded there as well. This is in an effort to alleviate high amounts of traffic on the server, easily provide derived formats (OGG and VBR MP3s) and to help us reach a larger audience. Now this isn't the only announcement today, it seems we have a small handful of releases that are in the process of being finalized (including a physical release) and should be available in the coming weeks. Also in the coming weeks, a fresh new web site design for everyone to drool over. Make sure to check back frequently for updates as we are entering exciting times!

The first of [potentially] many
Today marks the first release from the Meatronic Living Room Series. "Say what?" you ask? The Living Room series is a live series with a collaborative effort by multiple musicians, noisicians, whathaveyou, that takes place in... wait for it... a living room. Living Room One being the first, efforts were recorded of Beardtongue, Big Sugar Victorious as well as Meatronic founding fathers Otolathe and Insecticide Lobotomy. Get your copy today, and if you're possibly interested in being a part of future Living Room recordings, drop us a line! And remember we don't like trance music!!!

Last day of the year!
Today on the last day of the year 2007 we thought it was appropriate to get one more release out before it all ends. Today's offering is a noisy release from 910 Noise's Carl Kruger. This three track album is an endeavor into minimalistic noise that focuses more on the natural sounds of equipment then the use of samples or instruments. Get your download on, and have a safe and happy new year!

Interview with Meatronic Founders Josh and K.Paul
Interview with Meatronic Founders Josh and K.Paul
Calm Down, Relax was kind enough to interview us for their first installment of their "Emerging Netlabel" series. You can check out the interview here.

It's a day early, but Merry Christmas anyway (fill in "Merry Christmas" with any other possibly more politically correct holiday greeting as you see fit)

Baby Daddy - For Your Special Someone
It's been a while, but we're back with a new release. Straight from the 910 Noise Collective comes Baby Daddy's latest effort, For Your Special Someone. It's harsh, it's loud, and it has a general sense of direction... oh yeah, it's free to download too. Get your mitts on it today!

Get your Turkey on!
The Meatronic Staff would like wish everyone* out there a safe and happy Thanksgiving. If you haven't download any of our releases, we don't wish you anything. No seriously, stop being lazy download our releases!

I know it's been a while since we had a release, we're soft of experiencing some technical difficulties with a certain hard drive that has our next release sleeping on it. Expect something new very soon! And for all you musicians out there, we're still accepting demos, so get on it!

* Note: Yes, I'm aware I said everyone, and then said only the folks who have downloaded from us

Your daily allowance of Vitamin C
Mister Limey, the latest release by Insecticide Lobotomy is now available. Make sure to check our shows page, there's a lot going on these days.

But do you have Robot Eyes?
Meatronic proudly presents videos from the Robot Ears CD Release Party thanks to 3P1L3PT1C F1T.
Robot Ears CD Release Party Videos

Do you have Robot Ears?
Despite the possibility of rain, the CD release party was a success. Now that the dust has settled, we get to announce that the Robot Ears compilation is now available for immediate download. We do have professional CD-R copies available, but you'll need to contact us if you are interested.

Robot Ears!
The St. Petersburg Institute of Noise, in conjunction with the loveable green knuckleheads at, is proud to present the first compilation of Tampa and Central Florida experimental music and noise artists for widespread net release. We know there has been feverish activity on the cassette and CDR exchange level here in the past, and we are ready to take it to the next level and add to the general clamor.
Robot Ears features tracks from Insect Joy, Sous sous Toulouse en Rouge, The Uh..., HUNKER DOWN ROY, Kristin Calvarese, Otolathe, Insecticide Lobotomy, Pairs, 3p1L3pT1c F1t, Mis-Hap, St. Pete Institute of Noise, Breed the Circus, Big Sugar Victorious, Self Hatred brings Liberation, and Microwave Windows.

Also, if we can turn it around in time, we will have CDR's available at the Robot Ears Release Party at Cafe Bohemia on October 20th. Oh, the HUMANITY.

The Calvarese Release
Kristin Calvarese's extremely noisy and powerful latest offering, The Earth Has a Force Field, is scheduled for release next week! Did we tell you this before? We don't think so. We've got a lot of other shit up our sleeves like that. It pays to bookmark this page or to check our RSS feed.

New release by HUNKER DOWN ROY
As promised, a new Meatronic release has been added today. HUNKER DOWN ROY's The March Issue is available for preview and download from our releases page. Check it out and get your copy today!

RSS feeds have been added
The Meatronic website now has RSS feeds for your pleasure! Currently we have dual feeds, one for news and one for releases. Eventually we may offer a combined feed, but only if the demand is there.

Upcoming release from HUNKER DOWN ROY
Everyone at Meatronic is excited as next Monday marks our first release since our site was launched last weekend. Mark September 17th, 2007 on your calendar and be ready to download HUNKER DOWN ROY's The March Issue (Catalog: MTR-002). Just a reminder, we're still accepting demos and we do offer up our production skills to help ensure our releases are as top notch as they can be. Don't be afraid to send us raw unmixed material, in fact, we encourage it.

New artist to the family
Hunker Down Roy has recently been added to the Meatronic family, expect an action packed release in the very near future. In the meantime you should befriend your new favorite netlabel on MySpace and download Self-replicating Pain Fibers... our debut release, a collaboration between Otolathe and Insecticide Lobotomy.

Open call for demos
Meatronic Recordings is currently accepting demos from experimental artists that are interested in our label. If you are such an artist, feel free to consult our demo policy. We look forward to hearing from you! Oh yeah, and happy Labor day, if you got the day off, you better be enjoying it!

Meatronic is open for business
With our new web site complete, and one whole release under our belts, the internet's premier netlabel, Meatronic Recordings, has officially opened it's doors for business. Check back for updates to the site as well as new releases.