Otolathe's releases

[MTR-010] Enter Alia 2008

Otolathe presents a 7 track collection of explorations in what he calls Big Block Minimalism.
Employing technologies like thyratron tube synthesizers, unstable old analog solid-state machines, field recordings, digital sampling, custom software, analog tape, and vinyl, Big Block Minimalism comes at you in large chunks.
Unlike most "minimalist" works there is a shedload of brutal loud aggression going on.
Itâs ambient, but itâs noise.

[MTR-001] Self-replicating Pain Fibers Are Ready To Invade Your Central Nervous System. Bummer. 2007

Don't call it a come back, and definitely don't call it a split.
This action packed collaborative release is the result of combining two
volatile entities and then placing them in the same room as a bunch of gear.
The end result? Noise, banter, and an overall sense of well being.
Yeah, it's pretty good shit.