Living Room Serie 2

Bruital Orgasme - Living Room Serie 2
CBR 192 kbps / 44100 Hz / Stereo

Meatronic Recordings presents the second in our Living Room Series, where large groups of musicians gather in somebody's living room with the express purpose of recording improvised music.
Living Room 2, curated by Fil & Nath of Bruital Orgasme, comes to you from a living room somewhere in Belgium.

They recruited the following shredders:
-jean-claude charlier & son orchestre : Plays in 'Les Phônes', with self-made instruments, featured on a compilation of experimental musical instruments and instrument builders, with john cage, aphex twin, tom waits, and many more, on Orbitone... (bass clarinet, likembe, bowls, bells, hand-made instruments, ...)
-lucille calmel : performer, with her body & voice... (body, soul, voice, laptop, ...)
-gibby : he's playing in a lot of different bands, with a lot of different styles, from harsh noise to easy listening, with blues and folks influences...sometimes... (guitar, effects, keys, ...)
-Bruital orgasme : fil & nath, well, you know us... (guitars, effects, moog, likembe, whirling tubes, bells, melodica, voices, ...)

Recorded to a 4-track cassette recorder, and a digital recorder.
Recorded and mixed by fil.

42:25 min
01. Living Room Serie 2 [04:04] 02. Living Room Serie 2 [17:59] 03. Living Room Serie 2 [08:47] 04. Living Room Serie 2 [11:35]