Ambient's releases

[MTR-015] Whole 2009

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" was the statement used to describe this during it's submission phase in late 2008.
From that, thirty-eight individual artists from across the globe submitted tracks that were used to create this "collaborative" release.
Each track is named in accordance with which artist's tracks are used.
There is a slight loss of identity with something like this, but if you listen close enough you'll be able to tell who did what.
And if not, that just gives you that much more reason to seek out the individual artists :)

[MTR-010] Enter Alia 2008

Otolathe presents a 7 track collection of explorations in what he calls Big Block Minimalism.
Employing technologies like thyratron tube synthesizers, unstable old analog solid-state machines, field recordings, digital sampling, custom software, analog tape, and vinyl, Big Block Minimalism comes at you in large chunks.
Unlike most "minimalist" works there is a shedload of brutal loud aggression going on.
Itâs ambient, but itâs noise.

[MTR-005] Mister Limey 2007

Mister Limey tells a story of an adventure through both time and space.
Layers of harsh noise are coupled with atmospheric textures to give the listener a sense of movement and space.
Subtle use of traditional musical instruments along will natural rhythms and oscillations help to keep it all relevant.
Best served in complete darkness at full volume.