Various Artists's releases

[MTR-015] Whole 2009

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" was the statement used to describe this during it's submission phase in late 2008.
From that, thirty-eight individual artists from across the globe submitted tracks that were used to create this "collaborative" release.
Each track is named in accordance with which artist's tracks are used.
There is a slight loss of identity with something like this, but if you listen close enough you'll be able to tell who did what.
And if not, that just gives you that much more reason to seek out the individual artists :)

[MTR-008] Living Room One 2008

A singular collection of disparate musicians presents a a blockbuster exploration of multi-genre splicing and improvisation.

This collaboration features:
- Big Sugar Victorious's Santo diRizzia on cassette manipulation and acousmatics,
- Beardtongue's Joshua Manchester on extended drum techniques,
- Insecticide Lobotomy's Josh Sherman on custom electronics and no-input mixer mojo,
- Don Butler of HUNKER DOWN ROY on low-frequency electro-acoustic oscillator,
- Otolathe's K. Paul Boyev on analog subtractives.

[MTR-004] Robot Ears 2007

Meatronic, in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Institute of Noise, presents Robot Ears, a compilation of Central Florida noise and experimental music.
Robot Ears features tracks from Insect Joy, Sous sous Toulouse en Rouge, The Uh..., HUNKER DOWN ROY, Kristin Calvarese, Otolathe, Insecticide Lobotomy, Pairs, 3p1L3pT1c F1t, Mis-Hap, St. Pete Institute of Noise, Breed the Circus, Big Sugar Victorious, Self Hatred brings Liberation, and Microwave Windows.
Contact us if you are interested in a CD-R (professional) copy of this release.