Experimental's releases

[MTR-017] Unexpected End Of Formula 2009

An electronic noise collaboration between Chefkirk and Carl Kruger, originally released on the label Meatronic in March 30, 2009.
When Meatronic ceased operations this file became unavailable.
The resurrection of this track was deemed necessary and was reissued July 29, 2013 on .x. with bonus remixes by Newton and c-c.
The cover art was visually remixed by c-c.

[MTR-015] Whole 2009

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" was the statement used to describe this during it's submission phase in late 2008.
From that, thirty-eight individual artists from across the globe submitted tracks that were used to create this "collaborative" release.
Each track is named in accordance with which artist's tracks are used.
There is a slight loss of identity with something like this, but if you listen close enough you'll be able to tell who did what.
And if not, that just gives you that much more reason to seek out the individual artists :)

[MTR-011] Distorted Piano Recordings 2008

Igor Jovanovic records and performs under the name of Lezet.
Someone's comment about the sound of Lezet was "like Zorn without saxophone," and Zorn's influence is quite clear in a lot of Lezet's other work.
For Meatronic Recordings, he submits this patient study of the interaction of piano with distortion, and it is quite hypnotizing once you figure out what is going on.
Contra-puntal lines throw off side-band distortion in beautiful and startling ways somehow.

[MTR-007] Gravity Maps II 2007

These tracks were the outcome of attempting to wrangle as many interesting sounds out of a mixer with the gain turned up on each individual channel while 1/4 inch chords (plugged into only the mixer) fed back, buzzed and hummed.
In a nutshell, this approach employed feedback looping and other minimal-input tinkering, using two busted RadioShack mics, a noisey little mixer, a bunch of faulty chords, one cheap distortion pedal, one effects rack mount thing (Zoom 1204) and a pair of headphones for more feedback.

[MTR-006] For Your Special Someone 2007

Baby Daddy does it again with For Your Special Someone, an elaborate three track offering that can very well be used as a soundtrack for makin' babies.
Recorded and produced in the heart of the 910 Noise Collective of Wilmington, North Carolina.
Mr. Stonecipher and Carl Kruger would like to remind you that "Baby Daddy will eat you, you're welcome."
This release is dedicated to Meridith and Lea Maureen.

[MTR-005] Mister Limey 2007

Mister Limey tells a story of an adventure through both time and space.
Layers of harsh noise are coupled with atmospheric textures to give the listener a sense of movement and space.
Subtle use of traditional musical instruments along will natural rhythms and oscillations help to keep it all relevant.
Best served in complete darkness at full volume.

[MTR-003] The Earth Has A Force Field 2007

A heapin' helpin' of noise served up from the kitchen of Kristin Calvarese.
She's lighting up the Central Florida noise scene like a fire in a flammable pajamas factory.

[MTR-002] The March Issue 2007

The March Issue is HUNKER DOWN ROY's effort to twist your earbrain up into an unfamiliar knotspace.
Hints of madness and method entangle you as you listen to it.
This release features contributions from the notorious Crash Mitchell, as well as remixes by Mike Love 666 and Bloxwhich Bitch Box.

[MTR-001] Self-replicating Pain Fibers Are Ready To Invade Your Central Nervous System. Bummer. 2007

Don't call it a come back, and definitely don't call it a split.
This action packed collaborative release is the result of combining two
volatile entities and then placing them in the same room as a bunch of gear.
The end result? Noise, banter, and an overall sense of well being.
Yeah, it's pretty good shit.